Posted by Antwuan Jones

People have preferences when it comes to fragrances.  Some prefer spray fragrances because the mist doesn't seem to stain their clothing.  Others prefer an oil based fragrance because when applied to the skin, throughout the day, body heat really radiates the scent.

Both tend to be favorites of people and while having advantages and disadvantages, they are worth it.  For example, an oil based fragrance does seem to last longer when applied directly to the skin or clothing but can leave a stain on your apparel.  This is why most people will apply it either on the wrist area or right above the chest.  A spray fragrance still smells lovely but may wear off quickly all the while of not staining most apparel clothing.

An oil based fragrance can prove advantageous if you plan to be active or in a warm area.  This is so because the fragrance seems to thrive when your body temperature heats up and sweat a little.  A spray mist will last longer on your clothing but may wear off if your are active if applied directly to your skin.

Both oil based and spray fragrances work for people with different preferences.  Which one do you prefer?


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